Here is a list of selected film and television credits of London/Stroud Casting. To see a more extensive list, you can visit Lisa London and Catherine Stroud’s IMDb pages.


Sandy Wexler

(Adam Sandler, Jennifer Hudson,
Kevin James, Terry Crews,
Lamorne Morris, Aaron Neville,
Colin Quinn)

Happy Madison Prods./Netflix/Feature
Adam Sandler, Allen Covert, Barry Bernardi, Producers
Steven Brill, Director


(Colin Ford, Ellie Bamber,
Timothy Simons,
Sarah Hay,
Bobby Lee, Christine Ko

Free Chicken Films/Feature
David K. Wilson, Paul Schiff,
Rich Hull, Producers
Jay Lowi, Director


(Megan Park, Whitmer Thomas,
Fortune Feimster, 
Missi Pyle,
Nick Swardson, Amanda Cerny

Rebel Way Entertainment/Feature
Ori Globus, Producer
Tyler Spindel, Director

Woody Woodpecker

(Timothy Omundson, Thaila Ayala)

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment/Feature
Mike Elliott, Producer
Alex Zamm, Director

In Search of Fellini

(Maria Bello, Mary Lynn Rajskub &
Ksenia Solo)

Spotted Cow Entertainment/Feature
Nancy Cartwright, Peter Kjenaas,
Nathan Lorch, Milena Ferreira, Producers
Taron Lexton, Director

Mostly Ghostly: One Night In Doom House

(Corey Fogelmanis, Sophie Reynolds,
Blake Michael, Jamie Kennedy &
Danny Trejo)

Mostly Ghostly Productions/Feature
Yvonne Bernard, Steve Stabler,
Arthur Cohen, Producers
Ron Oliver, Director

Mostly Ghostly: Have You
Met My Girlfriend

(Bella Thorne, Madison Pettis,
Calum Worthy, Joan Rivers)

Mostly Ghostly Productions/Feature
Yvonne Bernard, Arthur Cohen,
Steve Stabler, Producers
Peter Hewitt, Director

Finding Harmony

(Billy Zane, Alison Eastwood,
and newcomer, Anna Margaret)

Once Upon A Dream Prods./Feature
Jeffery Patterson, Barry Walker,
Exec. Prods.
Dagen Merrill, Director

From the Rough

(Taraji P. Henson, Tom Felton,
Michael Clarke Duncan, Justin Chon)

From The Rough Prods./Feature
Michael Critelli, Exec. Prod.
Pierre Bagley, Director

The Hit List

(Cuba Gooding Jr., Cole Hauser,
Jonathan LaPaglia)

Sony DVD/North by Northwest Ent.
Richard Salvatore, Producer
William Kaufman, Director

Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star

(Nick Swardson, Christina Ricci,
Stephen Dorff, Don Johnson)

Sony/Happy Madison Prods./Feature
Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo,
Allen Covert, Producers
Tom Brady, Director

Mostly Ghostly

(Madison Pettis, Luke Benward,
Sterling Beaumon, Ali Lohan, Noah Cyrus)

Mostly Ghostly Productions/Feature
Yvonne Bernard, Arthur Cohen,
Steve Stabler, Producers
Rich Correll, Director

Mardi Gras

(Josh Gad, Nick D’Agosto,
Arielle Kebbel, Bret Harrison,
Carmen Electra)

Screen Gems/Feature
Zanne Devine, Peter Jaysen,
Josh Shader, Producers
Phil Dornfeld, Director


(Dylan Walsh, Penn Badgley,
Sela Ward, Amber Heard)

Screen Gems/Feature
Mark Morgan, Greg Moorad, Producers
Nelson McCormick, Director

House Bunny

(Anna Faris, Emma Stone,
Katharine McPhee, Rumor Willis,
Tyson Ritter)

Sony Pictures/Feature
Happy Madison Prods.
Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo,
Allen Covert, Producers
Fred Wolf, Director

Strange Wilderness

(Steve Zahn, Justin Long, Jonah Hill,
Allen Covert, Jeff Garlin)

20th Century Fox/Feature
Happy Madison Prods./Level 1 Ent.
Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo,
Bill Todman, Paul Schwake,
Glenn Gainor, Exec. Prods.
Fred Wolf, Director

Grandma’s Boy

(Nick Swardson, Allen Covert,
Jonah Hill, Kevin Nealon)

20th Century Fox/Feature
Happy Madison Prods./Level 1 Ent.
Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo,
Allen Covert, Bill Todman,
Paul Schwake, Producers
Nick Goossen, Director

McHales Navy

(Debra Messing, Tom Arnold,
David Alan Grier, Ernest Borgnine)

Universal Studios/Feature
Sid Sheinberg, Jon Sheinberg, Bill Sheinberg, Lance Hool, Exec. Prods.
Bryan Spicer, Director

Primal Fear

(LA Search)

Paramount Pictures/Feature
Howard Koch Jr., Exec. Prod.
Gary Lucchesi, Prod.
Gregory Hoblit, Director


(Jennifer Aniston’s 1st Movie)

Trimark Pictures/Feature
Mark Amin, Exec. Prod.
Mark Jones, Director


A History of Radness

Amazon Studios/Pilot
Andrew Green
Executive Producer
Alethea Jones, Director

Growing Up and Down

Disney Channel/Pilot
Steve Leff, Meg DeLoatch
Executive Producers
Adam Weissman, Director

Hit the Floor

James LaRosa, Maggie Malina
Executive Producers

Mr. Box Office

Entertainment Studios/Pilot/Series
Byron Allen, Carolyn Folks, Scott Satin, Exec. Prods.

The First Family

Entertainment Studios/Pilot/Series
Byron Allen, Carolyn Folks, Scott Satin, Exec. Prods.

Bad Fairy

Jed Elinoff, Scott Thomas, Exec. Prods.

In the Flow with Affion Crockett

Jamie Foxx, Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum, Todd Yashi, Exec. Prod.
Jacqui Pitman, Jason Wong, Prod.

Supah Ninjas

Brian Robbins, Sharla Sumpter, Leo Chu, Eric Garcia, Nat Berstein, Mitchel Katlin, Exec. Prods.

Anubis House

(LA Casting)

Nickelodeon/LimeHouse Prods./Series
Tony Wood, Exec. Producer

Whiskey Business

(LA Casting)

CMT/Entertainment One/MOW
Ira Pincus, Exec. Producer
Rob Iscove, Director


(LA Casting)

MTV/Entertainment One/MOW
Ira Pincus, Exec. Producer
Tracey Boulton, Producer
Samir Rehem, Director


(Selena Gomez, Brian Stepanek)

Disney Channel/Pilot
Irene Dreayer, Danny Kallis, Pamela Eells, Exec. Producers
Rich Correll, Director

Hannah Montana

(Miley Cyrus 1st pilot)

Disney Channel/Pilot
Michael Poryes, Steven Peterman,
Gary Dontzig, Exec. Prods.
Lee Shallat, Director

What’s Stevie Thinking

(Selena Gomez 1st pilot)

Disney Channel/Pilot
Stan Rogow, Terri Minsky, Exec. Prods.
Howard Deutch, Director

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Disney Channel/Series
Danny Kallis, Irene Dreayer, Pamela Eells, Exec. Producers


HBO/Series – 7 Seasons
Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins, Exec. Prods.
Robert Wuhl, Tim Marx, Exec. Prods.

The Cedric Show

FBC/20th Century Fox/Pilot
S. Lathan, J. Bowman, M. Wickline, Exec. Prods.
Stan Lathan, Director

Family Law

Paul Haggis, Exec. Producer


Carsey/Werner Prods./ABC
Marcy Carsey/Tom Werner, Roseanne
Exec. Prods.

Immediate Family

Stephen Nathan, Ted Harbert, Exec. Prod.
Rich Correll, Director

Teen Angel

Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Exec. Prod.
Brian Cowan, Producer

Preston Episodes

Jace Richdale, Amy Howard,
David Alan Grier, Exec. Prods.
James Burrows, Director


ABC Pilot & Series
Neal Marlens, Carol Black, Exec. Prods.
Dave Rosenthal, Mark Grossan, Producers.

Grace Under Fire

ABC/Pilot – Original Casting
Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Manderbach, Chuck Lorre, Exec. Prods.
Michael Lessac, Director

Crosses on the Lawn

Won C.S.A. Artios Award Outstanding Daytime Special

CBS Schoolbreak Special
William Greenblatt, Exec. Prod.
Alan Gansberg, Director

The Edge

FBC Pilot & Series
David Mirkin, Exec. Producer
David Latt, Producer

Get a Life

David Mirkin, Exec. Producer
David Latt, Producer